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Natalie Maines

Ex-Orlando's Waitress:

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Lubbock AJ ad Aug. 4-6, 2000

In case anyone forgot, Natalie Maines worked as an Orlando's waitress under Karen's direction from 7/22/95 until 10/26/95. Natalie got the job after she had attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston (on a scholarship for her voice!) for one year. (I'm pretty sure either her dad Lloyd Maines or Don Caldwell called me up at the corporate office to ask about getting Natalie a job at Orlando's.) Natalie had come back to attend Texas Tech and she applied for the position of waitperson and listed her salary desired as $2.13. (It's more than that now!) She wrote she was currently employed as a singer by Don Caldwell--she listed her singing salary as "differs." Natalie made a "94" on her waitperson test on 7/26/95. (She missed the green chilies on the Jumbo Roast Beef sandwich, missed a few salad names, and forgot kids got crayons to color with.) What changed the course of music history, and forced another waitperson turnover at Orlando's, was when Lloyd Maines gave the two original Dixie Chicks, Emily and Martie, a copy of Natalie's Berklee School of Music audition tape. They were blown away, and when another original Chick, left the band to spend more time with her daughter (and spend the $27 million her husband won in the lottery in 1995!), they called Natalie to talk about her joining the Dixie Chicks as a singer. Her manila folder employee file says on the outside in pencil "Hired as waitstaff 7/22/95. Quit 10/26/95 No Notice. Left for new career opportunity in Dallas, will give good reference. CRS " (Christy Spielberger, the manager at the time)

Loyd L. Turner, President
Orlando's Enterprises, Inc.

The Dixie Chicks with Loyd and Karen Turner on 3/31/1996. La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX.

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