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NOTE: This text appeared on the back of a menu entitled “Alternative Foods” which was on the tables in the early 80’s. Loyd later gave health lectures free to the public next door, and sold Simpler Life storage foods and rebound exercisers. Check out the reference to $2.00 pitchers of beer! The salad bar never happened on the back wall, but we did try out a portable salad bar in the front for awhile, which was a nightmare when we got busy. Most customers preferred the way we had always done things—brought the salad to their table.

Rebound exercisers were the fore-runner of today’s ubiquitous mini-trampolines that sell for $19.95. When they first came out, they were marketed by one company, Vitalizer. Vitalizers sold for $185 each, and close to $300 with an ottoman cushion on top. Loyd used to bounce in the forest room next to the bar, demonstrating the product. He sold 45 of them before the foreign knock-offs hit the shelves! ___________________________________________________________________________ ANSWERS TO SOME OF YOUR QUESTIONS

A lot of you have expressed curiosity about what we are up to here--what are we doing to the back wall, are we expanding next door, when are we going to get finished? My standard reply to the last question is “When we get some money.”

You see, we aren’t some giant corporation rolling into Lubbock with satchels full of money and an operations manual two hundred pages thick. We’re a simple little family restaurant that takes personal pride in everything we sell. And although business is good and getting better, it’s not yet great. Lunch has slowed down, and that’s why we’ve added these lighter and cooler dishes to help you beat the summer’s heat. And Happy Hour is nonexistent even though we serve half-price drinks, $2.00 pitchers, and the best nachos in town. Some of you must be alcoholics.

So we’re moving along as fast as we can. We’re in the process of trying to borrow some money but banks are hesitant to loan money to small Italian cafes run by people who walk around spouting words like “whole wheat,” “enzymes,” and “reflexology.” As soon as we’re rich and famous and living in Europe driving Mercedes Benzes and drinking vintage wine they’ll be more than happy to lend it to us, but while we’re trying to figure out how we can pay the light bill and still buy a central air-conditioner they aren’t so receptive to our pleas for help.

What we plan to do to the back wall, Lord willing, is build a stage-like platform to house a new giant salad bar that will offer every kind of fresh vegetable imaginable, and will be illuminated by an overhead skylight like the one in the bar. You’ll have your choice of both hot and cold soups.

Next door we have started on a new dining room and Orlando’s Country Store, which will offer you fresh vegetables and fruits, oils, grains, syrups, seeds and nuts, books, vitamins, homemade breads, cheeses, meats, salads, and takeout food from our menu. We’ll also feature picnic baskets which you can carry out to your favorite spot hassle-free. That’s all the room I have. Ask me about any other questions you might have.

Loyd Turner

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