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Bill Griggs of Lubbock, Texas, is known as the authority about Buddy Holly
and West Texas Rock 'n' Roll music. He founded the international Buddy Holly
Memorial Society in 1975, he publishes "Reminiscing" and "Rockin' 50s" magazines,
and is a specialist pertaining to the history of the 1950s rock 'n' roll era, especially
that of the music and artists.

The latest publication by Bill Griggs is his 60-page booklet. A "Who's Who" Of West
Texas Rock 'n' Roll Music. It contains over 100 photographs of Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison,
Buddy Knox, and the others from West Texas who recorded during the 1950s era. This is
available for $12.00 post paid ($16.00 overseas) from Bill Griggs P.O. Box 6123, Lubbock,
Texas 79493.

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